Hand-made to Shine

Sandberg diamond jewellery is designed and handcrafted in Finland in small batches

With you, for life

Sandberg jewellery stands the test of time. In addition to rings we also have matching pendants and earrings.

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Responsibility is gold.

The diamonds used in our jewellery always originate from reliable and responsible sources and the gold we use is the purest, certified recycled gold.

Beauty is on the finger of the beholder

If you let emotions affect matters of reason, you may as well listen to reason in matters of emotion. Whichever your decisions are based on, you will find just the right one in our collection.

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Sandberg demonstrations near you

Thu 01.06.2023 klo 13-17.30
Kelloliike Ilmakangas, Kauppakatu 27
Sat 03.06.2023 klo 11-15
Timanttiset Kuopio, Kauppakeskus Minna
Thu 08.06.2023 klo 13-18
Pirkan Kello, Kuninkaankatu 19
Fri 09.06.2023 klo 13-18
Timanttiset Vehmas, Kauppakeskus Tawast

Your nearest retailer

First get a feel for what kind of a ring or piece of jewellery you would like to have. In order for your wishes to be heard and for the ring to fit properly, it is always a good idea to visit a retail store. Our expert resellers help you choose the right piece of jewellery.

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